blog In which I demonstrate that they say "Oh My God" a lot in the show "Friends"
app Format SQL using SQLFluff in a webpp.
app An apriori recommender for music.
github Shabadoo, a Bayesian regression library built on numpyro and jax.
blog 2019: The high and low temperatures
blog Deploying my Pelican website to Github Pages.


github Underground, A python library for processing realtime NYC subway data.
github Shlack, yet another command line interface for slack.
app I set up a webapp to monitor my home network performance.
blog A single sample poisson test.
blog A python implementation of the Poisson exact test (e-test).
github A freezable dictionary for python.
blog Configuring a headless raspberry pi on your home network.
blog An update on the softmax function for numpy.


app A flask app for a thermometer in my apartment.
github I scraped the text of every Strongbad Email.
github Jarjar 3.0 Released.


github Jeff Zemla and I developed Python and Bash code for sending notifications to Slack.
blog What I found in 18,000 Pitchfork album reviews.
github I logged the stats for every ride I made in RollerCoaster Tycoon for iPad.
blog A softmax function for numpy.
blog Solving nonlinearly separable classifications in a single layer neural network.


blog I'll be at MathPsych and CogSci 2016
app Who's At Cogsci? 2016.