Web Applications

I have a habit of creating web applications to provide a friendly interface to some of my other projects. The number of these apps has grown reliably over the last handful of years, you can find a list of them below.

Application Description
Friends Oh My God An extremely petty app in which I attempt to prove that they say "oh my god" a lot in the show "Friends".
SQLFluff Online Demo An online demonstration of the SQLFluff linter and formatter. Paste some SQL in to see what fluff thinks of it.
Music Recommender An Apriori-algorithm based music recommender. Search for an album you like to find recommendations.
Temperature in My Apartment View the current temperature of my apartment, collected once every minute on a raspberry pi.
My Network Speed View the speedtest.net results for my home network, collected every 15 minutes on a raspberry pi.

Old Apps

These are some older applications that I am no longer collecting data to support. These were once hosted on Heroku but I took them down following the notice that free dynos are no longer offered.

Application Description
How was the Q? View subjective Q-Train quality ratings, submitted by me in a Slack form every day after I arrive at work. I no longer take the Q so this project is dead.
Dogwalker Checker Check up on when my dogwalker came. We switched services so this app is no longer needed.

Last updated: Fri 15 July 2022