Jarjar Version 3 Released.

June 20 2018
Keywords: python,slack

Major updates to the jarjar slack notifier.

Check it out!

Nearly a full year after releasing the second version of the jarjar package (the first publicly released from the Austerweil Lab), Jeff and I have released the next major version!

In addition to a bounty of bugs squashed, we’ve totally revamped the command line tool. A summary of the improvements:

  • Pure python (no more wrapping around curl)! Which enables all of the following…
  • Automatic installation via pip (no more copying the file to your bin).
  • Exit status and elapsed time in your slack message.
  • Good names for task screens.
  • Handling of older AND newer screen versions.

So go ahead!

pip install jarjar --force-reinstall --upgrade


jarjar sleep 1 -m 'Meesa took a nap!'