General news and links to blog posts.

Summer 2018

code Major updates to the jarjar slack notifier. [perma]

Summer 2017

code Jeff Zemla and I developed Python and Bash code for sending notifications to Slack. [perma]
blog Pitchfork roundup! Discovering biases within 18,000 album reviews.

Spring 2017

data I logged the stats for every ride I made in RollerCoaster Tycoon for iPad. [perma]
blog What.CD Data Roundup! What I've found through analyses of 75,000 torrents tagged 'hip.hop'.
blog A numpy function to apply the softmax along arbitrary axes.

Winter 2017

code Garrett Honke and I (mostly Garrett) wrote a DIVA model for the Catlearn R library. [perma]
blog How to solve nonlinearly separable classifications in a single layer neural network.
data I scraped and analyzed 18,000 Pitchfork Reviews. [perma]

Autumn 2016

pdf Ken Kurtz and I published some of my graduate work in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. [perma]
data I scraped and analyzed metadata from 75,000 Hip Hop albums on What.CD. [perma]

Summer 2016

blog Here's what I'll be presenting at MathPsych and CogSci 2016.
app I made a Shiny app for CogSci 2016! [perma]